Sin Sin Fine Art @ Art Basel in Hong Kong  |  23 May - 23 June 2013

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Sin Sin Fine Art proudly announces “REACH”, a specially curated exhibition that comprises of a duet show featuring recent works by emerging Indonesian artists Andy Dewantoro and M. Irfan at the Art Basel Hong Kong venue in Convention Centre Wanchai, and a group show featuring works by Fung Ming Chip (Hong Kong), Putu Sutawijaya (Indonesia), Rick Lewis (USA), S. Teddy Darmawan (Indonesia), Tilo Kaiser (Germany) and Vincent Cazeneuve (France) at Sin Sin Fine Art gallery spaces in Sai Street.The group show will be opened with a special performance by acclaimed sound artist Akio Suzuki and emerging dancer/choreographer Hiromi Miyakita.

Throughout the works shown in “REACH”, one can sense a blending of cultural and national identities; a blurring of boundaries that results in works in which cultural origins can not be neatly defined or confined. Instead, one can perceive a kind of internalized cross-cultural dialogue - a reaching out to embrace various aspects from the many different cultures they have been exposed to, integrating them into their very own visual languages.