Sin Sin Fine Art @ Art Basel in Hong Kong  |  23 May - 23 June 2013

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Sin Sin Man
founder, owner, curator - Sin Sin Fine Art

The year 2013 marks the 10th Anniversary of Sin Sin Fine Art. Ten years ago, I felt compelled to open my doors to show works of art to which I found myself irresistibly drawn. This has led to long-lasting friendships between me and the artists - and also, between the artists themselves despite the fact that most of us live in different parts of the world and don’t see each other much. Over the years, we found kindred spirits and inspirations in one another - stretching across geographical boundaries and cultural differences.

This has brought me to present the ten artists in REACH through five dialogues, demonstrating how one artist’s unique aesthetic expression interacts with that of another. While this interaction might not be obvious at first, upon closer observation I think viewers will be able to see it. There is a common ground that joins these artists together. One example here is how Putu Sutawijaya’s deeply spiritual belief -- which informs his artistic exploration, mirrors Vincent Cazeneuve’s zeal and determination to, against all odds, master Chinese lacquer techniques and make it his own. Fung Ming Chip and Rick Lewis share the play of distilling the essence of lines and space, while S. Teddy D. and Tilo Kaiser engage with what seems like their inner child having fun painting spontaneously; nevertheless, there is an unmistakable serious undertone beneath their works. Andy Dewantoro and M. Irfan, on the other hand, are both keen to investigate man-made structures seemingly devoid of human presence, and yet the human touch is always present in their works. The most apparent is perhaps the common ground between the acclaimed sound artist Akio Suzuki and his partner the artist/ choreographer Hiromi Miyakita who are going to open the show with their unforgettable performance.

All ten artists are hardworking artists who believe in what they do. Nature holds a special place for each of them as an endless source of inspiration. They concern themselves with historical and philosophical aspects of their work. Last but not least, they all have a great sense of humour! All this, I believe, can be perceived in the outstanding quality and values of their works.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much I enjoyed bringing them together!

Sin Sin Man