Sin Sin Fine Art @ Art Basel in Hong Kong  |  23 May - 23 June 2013

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Andy Dewantoro
(b. 1973, Tanjung Karang, South Sumatra, Indonesia)

Andy Dewantoro graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2000, focusing on architectural design. While his early work as a painter tended towards abstraction, during a residency in Europe Dewantoro was deeply impacted by the landscape paintings of 19th-century visionaries William Turner and John Constable, leading to a breakthrough in the development of his own, deeply auratic works. It dawned on him how the new urban landscape ends up defining a place more than the people who occupied it. Dewantoro creates shadowy, almost cinematic worlds where seemingly abandoned houses, churches, and bridges are viewed at a psychological as well as physical distance, shimmering in twilit atmospheres coloured by light-infused yet monochromatic palettes of black, purple, white and grey, like fading memories.

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The Artworks

Andy Dewantoro
photo ©Sin Sin Man