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There is a certain pull when viewing Ann Niu’s paintings. Something about the unconstrained flow of her lines - vivacious, sensual, confident, intense. Captivating. All these can be experienced in “1,2,3” - Ann Niu’s first solo exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art since 2010. At the core, “1,2,3” reflects the principles of her artistic creation: simplicity. She simply would like to express all the emotions that exist through her works. As simple as 1,2,3 - straight from her soul to the lines she created on her canvas and paper. However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. What appears as seemingly effortless flowing lines, shapes and colours are the result of years of dedicated creative explorations.

Ann Niu endeavours to capture the movements of what she calls the unforgetable souls. Skillfully, she poured them into her works - guided by her finely honed sensibility and intuition. Her rich experience and mastery of the brush enable her to liberate her subconscious - transforming immaterial dreams and elusive senses into poetic works of art. Their unusual beauty invites you into her mysterious realms where things seems to be floating in dynamic movements, even when they are in stillness.

A Shanghai native, Ann Niu has been all over the world. Trained with master Chinese calligraphers from young age, she studied in Shanghai and Tokyo and has lived in South Korea and the United States. She has had exhibitions in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, and the United States since 2000. Her expressive works have been gracing many public places, such as Shanghai XinTianDi, Hong Kong Joyce Boutique and Shanghai Moca’s Glass Mural. From 2001 to now, Ann Niu’s works have been collected by Singapore National Art Museum, America Blackstone Group, Schawazman Foundation, Hong Kong Shanghai HSBC, and many private collectors all over the world.

在欣賞牛安的繪畫時,會感受到壹種莫名的吸引力。她的線條流暢自如,充滿活力、感性、自信和 強烈的張力。令人著迷。所有這些特點都可以在她的個展“1,2,3”中體驗到,這也是自 2010 年以來她 在 Sin Sin Fine Art 的首次個展。"1,2,3" 的核心在于反映了她的藝術創作原則:簡單。她只想通過作 品表達存在的所有情感。就像 1,2,3 壹樣簡單——直接從她的靈魂傳遞到她在畫布和紙上創造的線條。 然而,簡單並不壹定意味著容易。看似毫不費力的流暢線條、形狀和顔色,卻是她多年潛心創作探 索的結果。

牛安努力捕捉她所稱之爲“難以忘懷的靈魂”的律動。在她精心磨練的敏感和直覺引導下,巧妙地將 它們傾注到自己的作品中。豐富的經驗以及對畫筆的掌握使她能夠解放她的潛意識,將虛無的夢境 和難以捉摸的感覺轉化爲詩意的藝術作品。它們非凡的美麗邀請妳進入她神秘的領域,在那裏,即 使在靜止時,事物似乎也在動態地漂浮。

牛安是上海人,她的足迹遍布世界各地。自幼師從中國書法大師,曾在上海和東京學習,並在韓國 和美國生活過。自 2000 年以來,她在上海、香港、台北、日本、澳大利亞、新加坡、荷蘭、法國和 美國舉辦過展覽。她富有表現力的作品在許多公共場所熠熠生輝,例如上海新天地、香港 Joyce Boutique 精品店和上海當代藝術館的玻璃壁畫。從 2001 年到現在,牛安的作品已被新加坡國立美術 館、美國黑石集團清華大學蘇世⺠學院教育基金會、香港上海彙豐銀行和世界各地的許多私人收藏 家收藏。

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