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Samagaha... Ngabungbang...*

by Tisna Sanjaya

dark, as part of the cycle to share with the other part of the earth.
the moonlight changes on the ‘Caang Bulan Opat Belas’, illuminating the earth regularly, sincerely teaching us about the growing life.

a call to mankind to be grateful and humbled in front of the glory of the creator of the universe
through natural signs
darkness, brightness
light and shadow
akin to a still life or scenes of nature drawing lesson, to study about growth and decay

the changing time, various technological inventions
globalisation, on one hand there is enlightenment
on the other side is darkening
victims of power and greeds, the green earth is eroded
violence, oppression caused by the thirst for power under the name of politics, economics, religions, etc.
trampling upon humanity
in the vacuum
justice is like waiting for godot

we, the artists and our art, do we still have the power to change
can we inspire the humiliated humanity
to stop the greed and oppression of mankind
the hegemony which erodes our green earth, safe life for our children…
our art, on one hand is an expression of gratitude for the joy that the nature brings
on the other hand is an effort to share, to build ways to pray for each other, universal solidarity
for peace and gratitude for His glory

samagaha body pray and ‘ngagungbang’ ritual under the moonlight teach us about the cycle of mortality… a gift for us to always remind each other and to share with one and another...

* A Sundanese word means Lunar Eclipse, where the world is in total darkness as a result of a natural process.