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Sin Sin Man
founder, owner, curator - Sin Sin Fine Art

Exactly ten years ago, I entered a new stage in my life after spending decades of traveling, working and designing with various creative people from around the world. From these magical encounters, I was inspired to explore deeper into each and every story. Eventually, I felt compelled to share the beauty of our exchanges with the audience in my hometown, Hong Kong.

A journey has began. Back in 2003, when I started Sin Sin Fine Art, it felt like opening a new door. I didn’t know what behind that door, where it would lead me to. Nevertheless, I opened the door without hesitation and stepped in with all my heart and soul. It’s almost like a theatre, with each show that was mounted and dismounted, coming and going, full of ups and downs, just like Life itself. Through all these, we all keep on learning on on how to become better at what we do, and ultimately, to become a better person.

And here we are now: this year Sin Sin Fine Art is celebrating our ten years working together to bring truly inspiring artworks to Hong Kong. Some of our artists have been with us since our infancy, while others crossed paths only in recent years. But all of them holds a special place in my heart. We have became friends who truly care about one and another. We support each other to bring out the best from each of us to reach our common goal, no matter how hard it could be at times. Throughout the years, our collaborations manifested not only in the form of amazing art exhibitions, but also in many fond memories that I treasure. I do feel that our relationship is a very special one, forged over the times we spent working together across geographical boundaries.

With these thoughts, a concept for this exhibition presented itself: the artists were to create artwork with cabinet as the starting point. The theme is the relationship between each artist with Sin Sin. There were no material restrictions; they were free to create with whatever medium sings to them. The artists were very enthusiastic with this concept, as their resulting artworks show in this "10 Years After" Exhibition, which opened on 13 September with vivacious dragon dance surrounded by friends old and new, and runs through 31 October 2013.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much I enjoyed bringing them together!

Sin Sin Man