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Wong Tong   王棠

Wong Tong graduated from RMIT University jointly organized with the Hong Kong Arts Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). His works are mostly painting, with preference to oil painting. Tong likes the slow process of oil painting which allows him to think not only about the artwork itself, but also his life, the path he’s taking as well as his ideas and beliefs. Tong is always strongly and creatively expressive in applying a wide range of medium in art from paintings to sculpture, from installation to performance. He has a natural instinct and talent in using materials on top of his traditional well-trained techniques.

Tong has participated in many group exhibitions in Hong Kong and China, including varies stage installation and mural painting art projects. Currently working as a community artist in Hong Kong, Tong collaborates with many local residents, independent artists and organizations, and contributes to local society, traditional crafts and culture. His painting series of “Clouds and Flowing Water Line”, and his sculptural work “Memory x Memory x Memory x Time” were both presented at Sin Sin Fine Art in 2013.

Has been with Sin Sin Fine Art since 2011.