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Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present a duo-exhibition of French- Colombian artist Pablo Posada Pernikoff and French artist Wensen Qi (born Vincent Cazeneuve) “Path” from 21 July until 16 September 2017. Both artists explore how change in material forms induces commonality in our ideas and emotions.

To Pablo, the work of art gains life and being. The form and materials of artworks also changes meaning and significance. Glass is a catalyst that transmutes the subjects developed from nature, intensifying them. The act of glasswork is not an imitation of nature but an act of nature unto itself. Within the glassworks, lines intersect or diverge in the light and shadow, akin to the traces of time and passages of Pablo’s lifespan. Pablo finds beauty in this ephemeral continuum expressed through the changing luminosity in glass, where all change converges to constancy in the ultimate harmony.

Wensen Qi’s practice in lacquer art has shifted lacquer painting from a traditional medium that combines various techniques to a contemporary medium of art expression. With respect to texture, rough undulations are skilfully coordinated with lustrous sheen, as if Vincent is covering the work with a layer of poetic fog, silently whispering his inspiration thought to the audience. The lacquer works sometimes take the form of collages of carefully chosen and embedded ready-made materials, creating results that are constantly changing under the Artist’s hands. When a cut of an abandoned washboard, a piece of ramie fabric or a bamboo mat are set in the lacquer they lose some parts of their identity, giving way to a sense of alienation between the familiar and unfamiliar. Orchestrating the chemistry between colours and material, Wensen Qi seeks neither the ornamental nor the eye- catching visual, but delivers a lingering charm and layered narrative in the artwork itself.