SOUL CLEANSING | A Group Exhibition by Alice Kok, Hiromi Miyakita, Lie Fhung, Maria Lobo, Sun Guangyi and Wong Wing Tong | Sin Sin Fine Art, 8 Mar - 8 Apr 2013
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Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents a group exhibition to start the new year of 2013, featuring works by multi-cultural artists: Alice Kok, Hiromi Miyakita, Lie Fhung, Maria Lobo, Sun Guangyi and Wong Wing Tong - with sound and movement opening performance art by sound artist Akio Suzuki and dancer/choreographer Hiromi Miyakita.

Since ancient times in Chinese tradition, the start of a new year has always been a very important event. To welcome the new year, families would clean their house to get rid of evil spirits and ceremonies are performed - usually involving sound and musical elements along with movements or dance. Sin Sin sees this time as ‘soul cleansing’ time, when we should take this opportunity to cleanse our mind, body and soul; to be introspective and look inward to our innermost souls, to reflect on our past to reach a brighter future. It is time to clean the slate and start afresh with new, life-affirming hopes. Sin Sin would like to share this belief through “Soul Cleansing”.

“Soul Cleansing” group exhibition opened with a duet of unique and graceful performance by a master Japanese sound artist, Akio Suzuki and an emerging choreographer/ dancer, Hiromi Miyakita. Akio Suzuki finds and makes music from just about anything he comes across, and the results always ignite sense of wonders in his audience. In dancing and choreographing, Hiromi Miyakita emphasizes not only the body but also the place surrounding the performance. On the basis of the most fundamental human movements related to space such as sitting, standing and walking, she creates delicate yet bold movements capturing sensitively the surrounding light, sound, air and landscape. Akio Suzuki and Hiromi Miyakita’s presence is made possible by Around sound art festival and retreat 2013.

Visually very diverse - ranging from drawings to paintings, from ink to acrylic, from paper to canvas to wood, from porcelain to video and installation, all the artworks featured in the “Soul Cleansing” share an inner inter-connectedness at their core beings: each of the work reflects an introspective and meditative spirit. Together they offer a rich, inspiring selection to ponder upon.

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