Sin Sin Fine Art @ Art Basel in Hong Kong  |  23 May - 23 June 2013

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M. Irfan
(b. 1972 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia)

M. Irfan studied painting at the Indonesia Institute of Fine Arts in the 1990s where he was a founding member of the influential Jendela Art Group. Since that time, Irfan has worked independently in a variety of media, including painting, sculptures and constructions. Yet in every work, the artist seeks — and almost always attains-- a kind of technical perfection in which one discerns a level of deliberation and meticulous calculation that borders on engineering and craft. What gives Irfan’s art its unique power is the fusion of this technical virtuosity with a kind of visual framing that imparts a particular, philosophical point of view. Over the last few years, Irfan has focused on creating detailed depictions of bridges, railroad tracks, locomotives, airplanes — manufactured, objective, unemotional structures which are yet fraught with complex subtexts of departure or homecoming, motion or stasis, travel or displacement, reunion or separation.

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M. Irfan
photo ©Sin Sin Man