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Chiu So-lan is a devoted ceramic artist who grew up in a family of artists. Her creations have become more and more versatile in recent years, her works range from functional wares, ceramic sculptures, and mixed-media works to installations. This constant artistic evolution, apart from being So-lan’s creative journey, is also a means to explore our society, the concept of self and the core of life. This exhibition features the recent works of the artist, works that reflect a new stage of style-and-concept transcendence, and the converging journeys of art and life.

Five years ago, an overwhelming turning point in So-lan’s life led her to an in-depth reflection on the connection of self and creation. Similar to interpersonal bonding, the relation between artists and their creations changes with time, inevitably, where predictions are not possible. So-lan loves to read and be inspired by the works of Kafka, his writings recall many real life absurdities. The “Kafka Series” is a tribute to, and also a visual projection of her imagination through Kafka’s writing.

Lee Man Yip was born and grew up in a remote Hakka village in the rural area of Hong Kong. Trained in Fine Art at Kingston University in London and back in the 1970s, Lee Man Yip was one of the first potters exhibiting at the Pottery Workshop in Hong Kong in the 1980 and has participated in numerous exhibitions. With his great talent in making ceramics, he was invited to took part in IWCAT 2000 (International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokonam, Japan).

Putting aside his passion in ceramics for nearly 25 years, Lee picks up clay and glazes again a few years ago - experimenting with various types of locally sourced Wo Hang Clay with, in particular, wood ash glazes, and with whichever day-to-day tools and edibles he comes across..

Born in 1981 in Hong Kong, Joey Leung Cho-Yi is graduated from RMIT University in 2011, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) majoring in ceramic. Joey Leung has been a professional photographer since 2001, but at the same has devoted in building his artistic path as a professional ceramicist. Fish is also a signature symbol of Joey’s ceramic works, including the hand-painted fish dishes and fish sculptures. But what is the meaning of fish? Joey is always trying to present my minds through the works, from seeking the traces of the social traditions, recording the images of the happenings in the society, to predicting how people can enjoy or preserve their life in the future. Joey tries to put his emotions and thoughts in the works at the same time, allowing people to feel and think, rather than just creating something are eye-catching.

Joey has already received a number of awards from professional and reputable organizations, such as Hong Kong Press Photographers Association and Hong Kong News Industry Council, and taken part in various group and solo exhibitions in recent years. 

Rosanna Li Wei Han is a Hong Kong ceramicist and design educator, well known for her whimsical clay works of people going about their daily affairs. Although her trademark male and female figures are plump in defiance of today’s aesthetic standards, they are endowed with a nimble grace and good humour.

Li’s robust ceramic figures have a certain rustic charm. Depicting the sense of contentment and vitality of simple folk, her works are often filled with wit and humour, reflecting her keen observation and sensitivity to people and events in the community. Other than clay, she also collects ready-made objects to make installations. Her work can be satirical at times, critically questioning and challenging established conventions and the status quo of society by skilfully playing with puns and parodies.