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Matsubayashi Hosai
Asahiyaki Pottery Studio has a history of over four hundred years across sixteen generations, developing along the vibrant tea culture of Uji, Kyoto. The sixteenth successor of Asahiyaki Studio redefines the traditional idea of elegant simplicity by combining familiar forms of tea ceremony ware, flower vases and other household vessels with his signature patterns that are at once modern, playful and subtle.

Yoshioka Sarasa
Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop has been operating in Kyoto since the late Edo-period . Abiding by natural cycles, Sarasa, the sixth generation master of weaving and natural dyeing, observes and works with seasonal changes in the environment to concoct “forgotten” colours from natural materials such as flower petals, stalks, leaves, tree bark and nuts.

Nakagawa Shuji
As techniques are passed on from father to son, Nakagawa Mokkougei upholds the finest wood crafting traditions from the region of Kyoto while creating contemporary iterations of the ‘Ki-Oke’ – the iconic Japanese wooden bucket commonly found in local households – handcrafted using a technique developed seven hundred years ago during the Muromachi era . Shuji spends his time between his studio in the mountains of Shiga and the family workshop in Kyoto, constantly pushing the boundaries of the craft by developing new and unique techniques through his practice.