day2day - Double Exhibition @ ArtCentral 21-26 Mar 2016 + @ Sin Sin Fine Art 24 Mar - 24 May 2016
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Rick Lewis

“I am interested in how a people, place, or moment comes to exist, decays, reemerges, and fades once again. Over time we develop a visage, our surface or our skin. The new skin that develops through process shows the patina of history and becomes the foundation for new experiences.

The piece for “day2day”, ‘As Within (for Maggie)’, 2016 is a black and white composite of cell phone color photographs that I manipulated digitally. The original photos for the piece were of a small flower stand near my home in Brooklyn that I pass daily on my way to the studio. The concept of as within so without subtly encompasses all wisdom. It empowers analogy and metaphor. It lends relevance to Biblical parables and mythical fairytales. It encapsulates the basic relationship of man to the world, instructing him to use the world as his mirror. Each panel provides a symbolic representation of the five elements of the universe"


Rick Lewis
photo © Alf Dyblie  


Rick Lewis AS WITHIN (FOR MAGGIE) digital composite print on fabric paper, 84 x 200 cm x 5 Panels, 2016 in day2day - double exhibition | 24 March - 24 May 2016