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To Believe, To Have Faith

a little note on journey by a Putu Sutawijaya

The understanding to appreciate our life journey is a the trust I have in my life. I believe that by searching with our heart, the values would be really felt. Just like the experience in our nearest journey - that is, just to focus, to understand deeper, who feels strongest that they are the keeper of signs. Whether the sign takes shape in the form of marginalised foundations that might be worthless.

My own journey towards deeper understanding was introduced by the houses of the past. The past holds the key even to gain just a little understanding in the present. It is the tool to communicate the distance. Here, a way or a tool is needed, something that we would refer to as 'journey'. I am in a journey to get to know the temples in Java. I would like to know the roads, the houses, which are the world of my creativity. Which I do to get to know myself. Which I discovered to be the houses of the virtues of the past, present and future. Not only based on strong foundation, but also artistically adorned. Even more interesting is that in those houses invaluable knowledge is stored…