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By Hand, By The Hand

by Fung Ming Chip

Regardless of media, to the artist, I believe the content is most important. Technique determines the success or failure of the work. The perfect technique expresses the content a hundred percent. The content determines the artwork's caliber.

Ten years to anyone is not a short time. So many turning points within it. This decade of numerous junctures, "What were my decisions and did I really improve?" I ask myself often.

Those looking at my work are always curious about my techniques. I do my best to explain the intention and technical aspects, but the aesthetic origin remains a mystery.

Time passes. Life within the momentum, fortune, experience, knowledge, accomplishment, scope, vision, personality… etc. etc. continues to unfold. This evolution is revealed in the artwork.

Collaborating with with Sin Sin, I learned to disregard costs to achieve perfection. What I gained was unspeakable joy, beyond calm and self contentment, by lifting the spirit to a higher level. I believe every artist and every person should experience this feeling at least once.

This encounter adds magnanimity to my work.

Art arises from living, devotion to art means living sincerely and living bright.